Internship Program

Social Media

Personal Assistant


About the Program

Welcome to our Internship Fusion, a cutting-edge program that blends three dynamic roles into one extraordinary opportunity: Social Media Guru, Personal Assistant Extraordinaire, and Talent Scout Innovator.

We’re thrilled to offer you a one-of-a-kind experience that will unlock your potential and fuel your passion for these diverse fields.

What to Expect

In this fast-paced program, you’ll dive headfirst into the worlds of social media, personal assistance, and talent scouting. Embrace the thrill of managing engaging social media campaigns, organizing the chaos into seamless order, and uncovering hidden gems in the talent landscape.

Key Highlights:

  • Social Media Savvy: Master the art of crafting compelling content, growing vibrant communities, and leveraging analytics to drive impact.
  • Organizational Wizardry: Become a maestro of efficiency as you assist professionals with scheduling, planning, and project coordination.
  • Talent Scouting Prowess: Unleash your eye for talent by identifying potential stars and playing a pivotal role in recruitment.

Why Join Us:

  • Unique Skill Fusion: Uncover an unparalleled blend of skills that will set you apart in the job market.
  • Innovative Mentorship: Learn from industry leaders who are passionate about nurturing your growth.
  • Meaningful Projects: Dive into real projects that make a tangible difference and challenge your capabilities.
  • Collaborative Culture: Be part of a vibrant team that values your input and fosters creativity.


  • Enthusiasm First: Bring your eagerness to learn and an undying passion for all things social, organized, and talent-related.
  • Proactive Spirit: Take initiative, embrace challenges, and thrive in a dynamic environment.
  • Tech Savviness: Comfortable with digital tools and platforms related to social media, organization, and talent scouting.

Meet Current Interns working at Crew Life at Sea

Andisiwe Panya

Social Media Internship Program

Introducing our exceptional intern from the captivating city of Cape Town! With her striking beauty and serene demeanor, she effortlessly captures attention wherever she goes. Behind her quiet exterior lies an incredibly intelligent and astute mind, making her a standout in the realm of social media.

Joining Crew Life at Sea for her internship, she has showcased unparalleled expertise in navigating the digital landscape. Her skillful command of social media platforms has left a lasting impact on our team and beyond. With her remarkable blend of beauty, intelligence, and digital prowess, we are certain she is destined for a future filled with success and accomplishment. We feel truly privileged to have her on board, as she sets sail towards a promising and fulfilling journey in the world of social media and beyond.

Justine Siddell

Social Media Internship/ Recruiter  Program

Meet our exceptional intern, a shining beacon of organization and intelligence. With her unwavering determination and clear vision for her future, she sets herself apart as a remarkable individual. Her outstanding organizational skills ensure that every task she undertakes is executed with precision and excellence.

Driven by her ambitious goals and unwavering self-reliance, she stands as a true survivor in all aspects of life. Her resilience and vibrant spirit radiate positivity, as she embraces challenges with a smile and never utters a complaint. Her boundless energy and infectious happiness make her a joy to work with, inspiring everyone around her to strive for greatness. With such a bright and determined mindset, we have no doubt that she will carve an extraordinary path for herself and leave a lasting impact on the world.

Ndisivile Mkhango

Social Media Internship Program

Meet our remarkable intern, a ray of sunshine with an innate ability to connect with people effortlessly. Her genuine happiness and friendly demeanor brighten up the office, making her a true people person. With lofty aspirations in her heart, she dreams of not only excelling in her career but also holding shares in Crew Life at Sea, a testament to her ambition and dedication.

Eager to learn and grow, she fearlessly asks questions when faced with the unknown. Her thirst for knowledge is unquenchable, and she embraces every opportunity to expand her skills and expertise. Driven by her unwavering determination, she is committed to being the best version of herself in every endeavor she undertakes. With her ambitious spirit and admirable goals, we have no doubt that she will achieve greatness and, perhaps one day, even realize her dream of becoming the president of South Africa. The future is undoubtedly bright for this enthusiastic and goal-oriented intern.