Raymond Crystal

By Raymond Crystal

How to get a job on a Cruise Ship ?

First you have to apply online and then fill in the Online Application Forms for the specific Cruise Liner you choose. You can apply online at Crew Life@sea .

Most of all the Cruise Liners are under one page for your benefit.

Should I pay to get a job onboard a Cruise Liner ?

Never. If anyone ever asks you for any sort of payment its a scam. Only approved agents sometimes ask for a fee due to their services but besides them never pay a cent to anyone.

If you would like to read more about scams download a very informative eBook that will assist you in everything you need to know.


How long does it take to get a job on a Cruise Liner ?

It all depends on availability.

Occasionally a crew member needs to leave on urgent matters or personal issues and then a spot opens up. Approved Agents then try to fill in that position as soon as possible and call anyone on their system who has been shortlisted for that job description.

If you have been interviewed and have passed all their requirements and now just waiting for a email or call to be assigned it could take from 1 day up to 90 days depending on availability as i mentioned before.

How do I pass my Interview?

You must make sure you have experience and have the knowledge of the job you applying for.

They will ask questions concerning the job description you have applied for and also put you in real life situations and ask you how would you solve the problem. If you show you are confident and a very determined employee that will encourage the interviewer as they always seeking strong candidates.

Be sure to always keep eye contact, don't have distractions around you while been interviewed, put your phone off and anything that will cause a distraction, put the dog outside too (if you have one).

You can download free eBook that will tell you the tips for your Skype interview