First you have to apply online and then fill in the Online Application Forms for the specific Cruise Liner you choose. You can apply online at Crew Life@sea .

Most of all the Cruise Liners are under one page for your benefit.

ever. If anyone ever asks you for any sort of payment its a scam. Only approved agents sometimes ask for a fee due to their services but besides them never pay a cent to anyone.

If you would like to read more about scams download a very informative eBook that will assist you in everything you need to know.


It all depends on availability.

Occasionally a crew member needs to leave on urgent matters or personal issues and then a spot opens up. Approved Agents then try to fill in that position as soon as possible and call anyone on their system who has been shortlisted for that job description.

If you have been interviewed and have passed all their requirements and now just waiting for a email or call to be assigned it could take from 1 day up to 90 days depending on availability as i mentioned before.

You must make sure you have experience and have the knowledge of the job you applying for.

They will ask questions concerning the job description you have applied for and also put you in real life situations and ask you how would you solve the problem. If you show you are confident and a very determined employee that will encourage the interviewer as they always seeking strong candidates.

Be sure to always keep eye contact, don’t have distractions around you while been interviewed, put your phone off and anything that will cause a distraction, put the dog outside too (if you have one).

You can download free eBook that will tell you the tips for your Skype interview


In this case , you would have to broaden your search and apply further as availability at that time is very low.I would suggest continue to apply with more Cruise Liners and Agents. If you have been through this step already then it’s time to FOLLOW UP.

You must know continue to follow up on all your applications via email, phone, anything possible to gain their attention.

Known as a seaman’s visa, some nationalities need this to work onboard a ship and travel to certain countries. This visa normally lasts five years and you will be required to make an appointment at your nearest US Embassy to gain this visa.<br><br> All  required paperwork for the appointment will be supplied by your manning agency or Cruise Liner depending who recruited you. The cost of the C1/D visa vary’s from company to company so i recommend keeping the recepit and once you onboard you may go pass crew office and enquirer about it.

It is compulsory and determines weather or not you are fit to work out at sea or not. These are very extensive tests and can hurt your bank account as it is an expensive cost.Depending on the company some do reimburse you and some don’t so once again i encourage you to keep all your receipts and inquire once onboard at crew office or HR Office.

My solution to you is to borrow from friends or family, as this is your only opportunity to get that dream job onboard a cruise line. Once you start working and after a couple months you can pay back all the money you have borrowed.

Yes , of course they do. These tests are part of the exam and they test for all the main drugs. Avoid any drugs before your hiring process and whilst onboard. Random drug testing is also done onboard.

Most times they will send you a checklist which is only a recommendation of what you should pack. Try to pack light and only take what you really need because when its time to come back, you want as much extra space so you can pile in your gifts and electronics that you have purchased from all your travels.

If you would like a checklist or some more information on this send me an email and i will help to advise you what to pack and what not too depending on what job title you hold.​

This is a bad move, do not miss your flight under any circumstances as this most likely could cost you your job. Try to make sure you triple check your flight ticket and make sure you go to the airport on the correct day and at least 3 hours before.

If you miss your flight after you have left your country and it’s due to the airline or weather conditions, this is tolerated and you will be rescheduled and accommodated in to a hotel until the next flight out.

This is a very unfortunate thing to happen and it does happen frequently I’m afraid. This is such a common thing that most cruise liners will supply you with a onboard voucher or cash to help you gain some sort of comfort. You will be given toiletry’s and anything that is needed for you to continue your duties.

Sometimes they will tell you to purchase clothing on your own accord and they will refund it back to you on payday. This all depends on the company you are working for, keep that in mind.

I recommend keep a couple socks and underwear in hand luggage in case of this unfortunate occurrence.

Most times there will be someone waiting with a sign with your name or with the company name. Once you approch them and identify yourself they will check their checklist and ask to wait at some area till they have collected everyone on their list

If no one is there to collect you , catch a taxi to your accommodation which should be listed in your travel documents provided by your agent or cruise liner before you departed your home country.

You can also try call the port agent which should be also located on your travel documents provided.

This is not good because first of all you will have to catch a taxi ride to the cruise terminal and let’s hope you found the right one. You must make sure you get there before the ship sails or else you in deep trouble. If you miss the ship contact the port agent immediately.

Traveling with cash or card is a definite MUST. So many times things do happen and most of the time out of your control and if you have no means of payment in anyway for anything , you are truly going to suffer.

Always carry some sort of way to pay for anything in case of an emergency.

Don’t worry, if you truly don’t enjoy working onboard , you will be able to leave and go home.Depending on where you are and what port is next , eventually they will sign you off at the appropriate port for departure.

Keep in mind this will require you to pay your own way back in most cases.

Basiclly you would have to first find someone who has agreed with you to move into their cabin first. Once this has been done you may go to crew office or HR and request a cabin change. It can take 1 to 2 weeks depending on HR.

Smoking is not allowed in cabins. They have allocated areas on the ship where you may smoke 24/7

If you are not scheduled to work during the time the ship is in port, you can go out. Sometimes they have IPM (In Port Manning) duties which is a certain amount of crew that must be on the ship in case of emergency.

This is done with every department and always changing daily. Most likely you will have to stay onboard for 1 day of the week or sometimes depending on ship and department it could be up to a week on and 4 off.

Every ship has a crew gym and most of the time its fully equipped and very sufficient for anyone who wants to train. Some ships have more then others and this all depends on ship and the size.