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We offer useful information, advice, insights, and resources to help inspire Job seekers and Seaman to work out at sea.We will give you all the correct information needed and all the key details to help you get through the hiring process with ease and get you  on board with comfort ,satisfaction and confidence.

We will be hosting long time veterans on our podcast shows and finding out all the fine details about working on a cruise ship. Hear from experienced seaman and hear what they go through on a day by day basics. Hear untold stories about working on a cruise ship and hear from experienced seaman.

 We will also assist you with information and key details on how to get hired from any recruiting agency out there.

If you want it you will get it !!!

PLEASE SEND CV to crewlife@seainfogroup.com if you are searching to work on a Cruise ship.


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The Ultimate Guide To  Cruise Ship Jobs 

Why do some people enjoy working on a cruise ship and why some people can’t even handle it? We are going to find out exactly if this is a good idea for you or not.

With over 18 years of experience living and working out at sea, the founder Raymond Crystal has experienced it, seen it and been through it. Crew Life@Sea will prepare you for all the challenges and rewards going forward. Remember working on a Cruise Ship far away out somewhere in the ocean can be mesmerising in away.

To understand the lifestyle of and working on a cruise ship, you must first know the in’s and outs. Here we will show & teach you everything from start to finish. How to apply, how to get a valid visa, where to do your training and even offer you a guaranteed contract working abroad once you have been approved.



Let us start here first. You have to take into account many things and ask yourself, is it for me? Have you ever experienced travelling in a boat, fiery maybe a speedboat anyone of these? Did you ever feel seasick or uncomfortable? If your answer is yes, then you need to ask yourself, How much do I want this job?

If this means the world to you, then I would suggest going to your local seaside areas and start renting a yacht or small boat and spend some more time out at sea. See if you can endure the sea, if you can push through it and bet the odds, then you have a great chance onboard a cruise ship. If on the other hand, you do continue to be seasick and start to feel green, some would say I would honestly recommend another option.

Sometimes travelling across the ocean during stormy weather will become so rocky and uncomfortable you will vomit and be sick for hours. Let alone knowing the fact that you can’t leave the ship anytime soon.


Nowadays, online is becoming the answer to everything. Search online for any recruitment or manning agency for cruise ships and get in contact. Most agencies have an office located in your area where you may visit.

Cruise ships themselves seldom recruit directly. They now use approved recruiters worldwide, which they have researched and made certain agreements with them in offering them, candidates.

Another way is to go to the Cruise Show Exhibitions which happen once or twice a year. Most of all the cruise liners get a couple of representatives, and they hold a full day of recruitment and interviewing. It is typically advertised on most social media and through the agencies. Sometimes separate cruise liners go out and do their own exhibitions country to country solo.


It’s extremely sad news hearing, so many people applying to work on a cruise ship are getting scammed. The reason is, they don’t have enough knowledge about the industry. The hiring process, so they believe whatever they get offered and then get caught up by these evil scammers. Always remember one thing to get a job on a cruise ship is free.

No one is allowed to charge you a cent for the recruitment process when someone wants any cash exit from the deal immediately.

A lot of people are posting fake offers on all the social media platforms and trying to lure you in. Stick with authorised agents in your area or directly to the cruise liners website



There are a lot of requirements involved to work on a cruise ship. It starts from a full medical, which includes blood tests, urine tests and lots more.

Some companies have an age restriction while others don’t. It’s important to know that significant cruise ships are always trying to hire young, healthy and fit candidates. Working out at sea is very physical in many positions dependant on your job title.

They have now implemented an essential safety at sea training program that is compulsory now.  It was allowed to be done onboard a couple of years ago but now stopped.

STCW95 is what is called, and it’s a 5-day course which teaches you all the bare essentials in case of an emergency out at sea. This certification lasts for five years. Once complete, you would achieve these certificates:

  • Fire Prevention and Fire Fighting
  • Personal Survival Techniques (PST)
  • Personal Safety and Social Responsibility (PSSR)
  • First Aid / CPR (Basic First Aid)
  • Proficiency in Security Awareness


That’s right, and we have learned a couple of valuable bits of information about the process of getting a job on a cruise ship. It’s now a matter of preparing all your documents and applying. As long as you have some experience in the field you are applying for and genuinely want to work out at sea, and you are bound to succeed.

But remember it can take a week,  a month or even a year. It all depends on the availability and when ships have been commissioned.

We encourage you to start your adventure with us and apply for it. We are a well-established recruitment company with loads of experience behind us and only want to see you fulfil your dream. At one point, I too was searching to travel the world and get paid.

I have never turned back and now 18 years later have created this fantastic company to give back all that I have learned and help you know the truth about working out at sea.

Covid-19 ‘I Really Need to Go Home’ Thousands Cruise Ship Employees Still Stuck at Sea…

Covid-19 ‘I Really Need to Go Home’ Thousands Cruise Ship Employees Still Stuck at Sea…

“This is and could be the worst thing that could ever happen to any person working onboard a cruise ship,” said Raymond Crystal, the founder of Crew Life at Sea, a crewing service that helps seafarers find work on ships. “No one in a million years would have thought this would disrupt the cruise industry, and so rapidly.”