We will deliver the core details in order for you to succeed. You will learn the main process to get from point A to point B seaming less. I will teach you everything you need to know and offer you extremely great valuable content from real veterans who have been working at sea for many years. Hear and learn from their stories. No matter where in the world you are, our goal is to assist you in any way and to make your transition into the cruise industry as smooth as possible.

Just an example, I have shown the way for 3 of my family relatives. I have assisted them and helped them succeed in there venture my sister Roxanne,  Job title – Boutique Assistant, 4 years at sea. My brother George, Job title – Barmen and then did a couple contracts as an Assistant Art Auctioneer, 5 years at sea and finally my Aunt Mary, Job title – Waiter 10 years at sea and now retired with a retirement plan arranged with her company. It shows that working on cruise line is extremely beneficial in many ways.

I guarantee once you get on the ship you will slowly transform into what we call a Seaman and eventually won’t want to stop because of the great opportunity’s you benefit from while working out at sea. There are a few downsides but life has good and bad in everything and what matters is how we handle these situations in the end that counts.