Cruise Lines became my life. Employment onboard cruise ships are incredibly different from employment on land. I was addicted from the first contract when I started working on a cruise ship. I had experienced many adventures on the way from 2001 till this present moment.
  • 19 years cruise ship experiance
  • 30 contracts completed
  • 5 major cruise liners
  • 5 different job titles
Working Onboard Cruise Liner
Working On A Cruise Ship Gave Me A Chance To Visit India
Cruise Ship Jobs Helped Me See Petra, Jordan
Indeed Working On A Ship Showed Me The Pyramids
My Cruise Career Taught Me About Safety At Sea
My cruise career bloomed in the year 2001 when I started working with Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines. I started working as an Assistant Broadcast under my leader James Britt. After around five years, I moved across to a company called Regent Seven Seas Cruises and had a position of Broadcast Manager. This ship was bought over around the time I left by Oceana. I had a quick couple months onboard Norwegian Cruise Liners but did not enjoy my conditions on hat specific ship so searched further to have found employment with Disney Cruise Lines as a Broadcast Manager and Graphic Designer.
After about four years, I decided to work onboard Princess Cruise Liners as a Production Manager. Running their onboard Live Studio and Finally came to Silversea Cruises working back and forth from either a Broadcast Manager or a Stage Manager dependent on the ship I was assigned too.