I came to a point in my life where I wanted to travel and see the world. I knew the only way to do this for free and get paid was to work on a cruise ship. It all started in 2001, and I was sitting in my father’s shop in Johannesburg. I decided to search for cruise ship jobs in the classified area. At those times, we used the papers to find work as the internet was not as prominent as it is nowadays. I circled the article for my cruise ship opportunity in search of a new adventure. I picked up the phone and made the call. Ever since that day, I have been working at sea with multiple cruise ship companies.

Raymond Crystal


Cruise Ship Experience

Cruise Lines became my life. Employment onboard cruise ships are incredibly different from employment on land. I was addicted from the first contract when I started working on a cruise ship. I had experienced many adventures on the way from 2001 till this present moment.

  • 19 years cruise ship experiance
  • 30 contracts completed
  • 5 major cruise liners
  • 5 different job titles 


Working onboard cruise liner

Working on a cruise ship gave me a chance to visit india 

Cruise ship jobs helped me see petra, jordan

Indeed working on a ship showed me the pyramids

My cruise career taught me about safety at sea

My cruise career bloomed in the year 2001 when I started working with Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines. I started working as an Assistant Broadcast under my leader James Britt. After around five years, I moved across to a company called Regent Seven Seas Cruises and had a position of Broadcast Manager. This ship was bought over around the time I left by Oceana. I had a quick couple months onboard Norwegian Cruise Liners but did not enjoy my conditions on hat specific ship so searched further to have found employment with Disney Cruise Lines as a Broadcast Manager and Graphic Designer.
After about four years, I decided to work onboard Princess Cruise Liners as a Production Manager. Running their onboard Live Studio and Finally came to Silversea Cruises working back and forth from either a Broadcast Manager or a Stage Manager dependent on the ship I was assigned too.

My Cruise Career Timeline – working on cruise ships

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