One of the great fears we face is that despite our efforts, we will discover that we have wasted our life. This book gives you the tools to overcome your obsticales and reach your dreams.

Topics Covered

Applying Online

Learn how to get noticed

Applying With Agents

What you need to know about cruise ship agents

Applying With Recruiters

Things you must know about third party recruiters

Beware Scams

Learn how to tell what is a scam & what is not

Follow Up

How to get the attention and answers while you wait

Recruitment Events

Learn one of the most successful ways to be hired with a Cruise Liner

Facebook Groups

Social media is growing rapidly, learn how to benefit from it


Don't over look your C.V , one of the most important pieces to the puzzle

Don’t take my word for it. Read this short yet extremely informative eBook and see how this will change your chances to getting that interview then that job onbaord a cruise ship.

Author Spotlight

Born and raised in South Africa, Johannesburg Raymond for most of his life has been a Seaman. 20 years at Sea, 30 contracts, 5 Major companies with so many obstacles on the way I have come to find an easy way in finding work out at sea.

“Never give up on your dreams, if you can imagine it, you can have it…”

Raymond Crystal

Readers Say

“The tools and insights this book shares have been instrumental in elevating my chances in finding emplyment and achieved great results. If you want to make your mark in the Cruise Industry, engage in all the steps and see results”

Vin Vin Gangan

“Raymond Crystal takes the common sense of great communication and provides the tools, techniques, and motivation to help every person have an easier transition to finding work on a cruise ship.”

Rico De Breil

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