Galley (Kitchen)

Application For Galley-Kitchen Department


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Since 2004 Wind Rose Network is dedicated itself to manage up-to-date information, resources and services.

We bring together the efforts of all those interested in the maritime sector as a growing source of employment opportunities.

People from all the world, whether they have previous work or professional experience in the sector or looking for their first job at sea.

There are hundreds of maritime companies operating a wide. Many variety of recreational and cruise ships multitude of merchant marine companies providing waterborne transportation of raw material.

Constant and growing need for both officers and technicians, and for non-qualified staff to fill entry-level positions in a wide diversity of onboard.

This is resulting in a continuing process of job advertising, screening and hiring of candidates. Working at sea may also represent a series of challenges and disadvantages. land-based jobs may discourage those interested of applying for any of the positions described in this website.

We take a responsible, balanced, comprehensive approach to this matter before offering information that might play a critical role in a decision. 

Wind Rose Network orients its activity to meet the needs of the maritime employment market, providing services to the two parties in the relationship.

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