Visit Antartica on a Cruise Ship

Something you must see in life at least once... The Antartica

Traveling on a cruise ship through the Antarctic...

“It was a warm and sunny day but things changed quick”. During the trip towards the Antartica things change rapidly and dramatically. Crew Life@Sea was part of this great experience. Crew Life@sea collected footage throughout the day from 10 am right through to 9 pm. Remember in Antartica the evenings are as bright as day on most occasions except when its storming like on this case.

I remember going out and whilst filming i was been bombarded but ice/snow particles but when they are blowing in to your direction it is so hard to film and keep things in place. Eventually i decide to go with the wind instead of against it and that helped a lot. 

Working on a Cruise Ship has so many benefits and is great experience at least once in your life to do. The antarctic is untouched. It’s so precious, when you actually ever get a chance to see it for yourself, you will understand and feel this amazing feeling…

What a feeling to experiance such tempretures and such drastic chnage in weather in seconds...

The snow grew and grew for hours and hours. Imagine we where stuck in this storm for over 48hrs, we would be sinking in snow. Life at sea can also be dangerous at times and scary but we can get through this as we have many people on ships who have experience and always willing to help people on there journey.

This is about 7 hours of the storm. I have collected and captured all the events and footage. If you would like to see more and would like to ever experience this in your life, work on a cruise ship and let Crew Life@sea help you….

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Antartica during lunch time
Lunch time in Antarctica
Antartica Splendors
Warm Sunset in the Antarctica
Antartica cold blue ice
Cold Blue as Ice

Onboard there are many complex systems and software which are needed in order for the safety and survival of the vessel and crew. Among some of your duties you must be capable of installations of new hardware and software, understand the systems onboard from satellites all the way to repairs. 

Welcome to the Landing Page of the Cruise Ship Waiter. We are responsible for all your food and service related issues onboard and serves passengers according to the highest standards set by the cruise line..


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