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The phone started to ring. I picked up the phone in silence not announcing a word and waiting to hear who was on the other end. A deep aggressive voice spoke and said “Raymond is that you, “Yes.”
“This is the Security Officer here with orders from the Staff Captain. You are to report to the Medical Center immediately and do not stop anywhere. It was a drug and alcohol test I was in shock and realized oh boy now we in trouble. The night before we had an overnight in St Marteen in the Caribbean island.

There was about six to seven of us and we all went out night clubbing till wee hours of the morning. It was a spectacular night and that i had arranged. Before our arrival a organized us a VIP section in one of the most fashionable clubs in St Marteen. As soon as I put the phone down, I looked at my girlfriend sitting on the bed. Her legs crossed and wearing her hoody and conveying me these eyes like what’s going on. As I started explaining to her what had happened she then said “what are we going to do.” I don’t know what happened.

Something came over me and instinct I started scuffling through my drawer. I pulled out an unused condom. I said to my girlfriend “I’ll be right back” I opened the door and the started knocking on the first door I found. Someone opened and I said without allowing them time to mention a word. ” Please I need your piss, please piss in here they are going to drug examine me now.

The person looked at me with half closed eyes as he woke up. He said “man I was so wasted last night you don’t want mine” shit I went to the adjoining door and started knocking again. Then long story short I persuaded the following person to pee in the condom. I entered back into my cabin, found some tape and pulled down my pants. I took the condom occupied it with piss and then wrapped it around my penis. My girlfriend looked at me as if I was delirious.

I left the cabin and started to go to the medical center. On the way up I passed the bulletin board and pulled a pin from the board and place it in my belt. When I entered standing, there were the security officer and medical staff. The security officer came up to me and said “Mr. Crystal please blow in this”. I knew I was safe here because I did not consume that much during the night. Once that was over, he passed me a piss cup and said” please go pee in this. Also don’t add water, we will know. I had to fill it to a certain level, and they will be watching me. My heart was racing, my blood was hot, adrenalin rushing through my body as if I had been thrown out of a plane. It was and has been an frightening time in my life. As I approached the toilet, the nurse was behind me watching and made certain the toilet door left open. I accepted the cup unsealed it and with my other hand took the pin. I pulled down my pants a bit and started to pinch the condom with the pin. They were small the holes it was not coming out fast enough.

I was like omg. So, I started pinning it over and over till enough was flowing out but keep in mind piss was going everywhere too.

It was so bad, but they couldn’t observe this. They could observe me from behind, and it looked like I was taking a normal pee. , I made it to the line and then pulled up pants closed the container then washed my hands and passed on to the nurse. The Security Officer took it and said to come with me we will examine it now. We entered another room he opened the container and inserted a paper tester and waited.

I was feeling a lot better now as the hard parts was done and now hoping the pee I got was ok. “You good” the Security officer said and off I went back to my cabin. You may wonder what presented this all to happen, well here is how it started. The night before we all met at around 10 pm and we all met at the crew bar and then started to venture to the night club “Bliss. “I will never forget this night. We get to this club and are so stunned by the setup. It was on the beach front with a wooden feel and palm tree all around. So, the night was fantastic and many things happened on the way. First off all we organized an uninterrupted room for all us to use when we wanted to have some blow. Cruise ship life is really an adventure .

We had around four to six bottles Vodka’s on our tables and around 10 Red Bull’s. We all partied the night away. I remember a wild couple coming to my girlfriend and me asking if we could have a foursome together. Crazy, but let’s get back on track lol. On the way back to the ship at around 5 am we all struggled but made it up this long gangway towards the entrance. I’m afraid we had some loud mouths who couldn’t keep their mouths shut and where making a noise and screaming. While swiping their cards and entering the ship. This arouses some attention, and I assume the security guard onboard made a note in the log files. We were all pulled in the following morning for drug and alcohol tests. Everyone that day got fired and sent home except me.

In this EBook I will be telling you some unimaginable things about working at sea. Also, ports of calls, life style of living onboard a cruise ship and anything that I can remember. As a result, that’s 18 years of experience. 5 major Cruise Liners and over thousand of people from all diversity’s I have encountered.

I assure you this EBook will entertain you in some way. I will not hold back on anything as I am sincere and have nothing to hide, so please enjoy… If you want to work on a cruise ship email us and let us assist you.


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