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Want to work on a Cruise Ship as a Casino Dealer?

We are responsible for all your gaming needs and enjoyment. Life at sea is an amazing experience, listen to Nicoleta Sasu tell you her story.

Welcome to the Landing Page of the Cruise Ship Waiter. We are responsible for all your food and service related issues onboard and serves passengers according to the highest standards set by the cruise line..

Onboard there are many complex systems and software which are needed in order for the safety and survival of the vessel and crew. Among some of your duties you must be capable of installations of new hardware and software, understand the systems onboard from satellites all the way to repairs. Not forgetting as an Officer there are are great benefits onboard for this position too. 

This position maintains the cleanliness and orderliness of all public, crew and surrounding areas. Must be able to provide efficient cleaning service in his/her assigned work areas for a large passenger vessel with guests and crew, plus public rooms and common areas.

Onboard the entertainment can vary from magicians, jugglers, singers etc… As a Cruise Director you have huge responsibility when it comes to making sure you entertain the guest’s during their vacation time onboard.

The Receptionist is co-responsible for a friendly and polite interaction with the passengers at the front desk to guarantee a maximum satisfaction of guests as well as an efficient organisation and realisation at the front desk.

Let us assist you with all the key information in helping you get that step closer to working onboard a Cruise Ship as a Receptionist

You will be required to shoot and edit on a daily basics. Depending on the company it will determine the amount of editing and camera work that’s involved. When the ship re position’s like for example from USA to Europe, you would have to reprogram all the receivers and satellites in order to get the feed required.

Starting from the hull, decks, cargo gear, and smoke stack. Perform maintenance on lifeboats, rescue boats and life rafts. Many duties like chipping, scraping, cleaning, priming, and painting are also required .