Flagship Entertainment is paving the way as a leading provider of entertainment in the cruise line industry, representing some of the industry’s top talent. Founded in 2014 and based in Northern California, the company has grown into a cutting-edge, first-in-class entertainment agency.

We’re musicians. We studied music at school. We played gigs at bars and weddings. And at some point, we became interested in traveling and performing, which brought us into the world of cruise ships. And that’s probably why you’re here, too. We met working on board a ship, and before long, we were having long discussions into the night — how awesome the cruise gig was, and why more musicians didn’t know about it. We also found ourselves expressing our frustration with the agencies that were sending musicians out like cattle: uninformed, unprepared, and with minimal attention and effort. We wanted to create an agency that wasn’t an agency, but more like an older brother — helping musicians find work with their best interest at heart. Looking out for them. Helping make them successful and happy. And here we are. .

We hire cruise ship musicians from all over the planet—soloists, bands, instrumentalists and more. Hone your craft on board the world’s most luxurious cruise ships.You could be next.

You’ve worked hard to learn and develop your skills as a performer. With Proship you have an entire staff of experienced performers who want to help you make the most of your talent. We appreciate your abilities and ambitions, and are dedicated to finding you an opportunity to earn good money performing in world-class international venues.

Jonathan Blackburn founded Blackburn International in 2001 with the objective of creating the industry’s premier artist booking and management company. Today we are providing artist, acts and creating breath taking shows for cruise line entertainment, private yachts, company entertainment and exclusive private functions around the globe.

Our team has vast experience in all areas of entertainment. From developing new artistes to cruise ship-naming ceremonies, Jonathan’s creative talent has helped Blackburn International become one of the most innovative and successful entertainment booking agencies.

Always enjoying a challenge, we are passionate about creating outstanding entertainment that delights our clients and their guests.

We’re different from most other cruise line agencies in a couple of important ways. First, we can arrange your contracts for you without you paying any commission or recruitment fees. Secondly, we are operated entirely by a team of former

MMEC works with all of the major cruise companies providing all types of cruise entertainment from orchestra players to solos, duos, bands, tributes, and headliner (fly-on) entertainers. 

At this time we are looking for versatile musicians to perform as soloists or part of the show band. For all positions good health, versatility and strong technical skills a must along with instrument proficiency and improvisational skills. For show band musicians strong sight reading ability is a requirement.

Please send your resume and showreel