Working onboard a Cruise ship in the concessionaires (subsidiary business or service) department is the same as doing it on land but all around you is water and continuous change on a regular basics when it comes to work hours due to ports and unexpected port changes.

Working in concessionaires department have great benefits when it comes to “off time”. When the ship is in port shops and casinos are closed due to laws and can not be open un till 30 minutes after sailing. So imagine you have a 2 day overnight in some port, yes that’s right you off for 2 days. You could be called in by your manager if they decide to make you work extra to do stock take or anything that they feel fit. Some of the worst things that all concessionaires hate are “the crossings”, why you ask ?

So now, the ship has to do the Atlantic ocean crossing and this is the worst for concessionaires because you have to work like 8 days straight , all day. This can depend on your manager too. Depending on weather you going or coming they have a time change which could mean either you loosing a hour everyday during the crossing or gaining the hour.

It can be very difficult but very rewarding once done and challenging not forgetting the rocky seas which will take into effect when it comes to the shops. You will have to lock down nearly everything because of the swaying off the ship and they don’t want any of the products flying all over the place.

For sure this department leaves you with so much free time that you get to see the world and every single port as you not working while in port. Hear that again you don’t work during port days most of the times unless you have to do some small things like stock, cleaning etc…

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