Professional, experienced and exceptionally talented, our international talent is perfect for creating that amazing show.
Whether you require a female dancer, male dancer, our roster of dancers provide an unbelievably versatile array of styles, genres and options to suit every possible event.
Covering positions from Broadcast, Stage, Automation, Lights, Sound, and more...

Providing Entertainment Staff to the cruise line industry has become a great benefit for the cruise industry. With the founder having over 20 years of experience in the Entertainment area, we have surely covered all aspects and assure quality crew.

Single Dance

Crew Life at Sea has been apart of the cruise industry since 2018. Our longstanding commitment to placing quality entertainment to our clients is president quality and absolutely spectacular talent.

When it comes to creating an award-winning show on a cruise ship, it will take an excellent Production Team. Delivery of sound, lighting, automation broadcast and a talented Production Team will ensure effective delivery of all onstage entertainment.

Crew Life at Sea provide:

  • Captains
  • Lead Vocalists
  • Dancers
  • Duo’s
  • Trio’s
  • Quartets
  • Special Acts
  • Piano Players
  • Bands
  • Broadcast Managers
  • Sound & Lights Managers
  • Production Managers
  • Automation
  • Stage Crew
Singer Black
Auto desk
Singer gold