Crew Privilege



UP TO 10% off emirates flights

We’ve teamed up with Emirates Airlines as a global Partner to offer exclusive fares to Crew Privilege Members. Choose from any destination across the Emirates network and enjoy up to 10% off* in Business and Economy Class. Whether you want to explore new cultures or catch up with friends and family on the other side of the world, fly for less to over 150 destinations worldwide. 

Career boost

We have a team of Industry Leaders that will provide career mentorship for Deck, Interior and Engineering Yacht Crew and for Flight Crew. We also offer advice on making the transition to land based jobs. Our whole team are Crew or Ex Crew so we have been there and so happy to pass on the knowledge. So now there is always someone you can ask! Seriously, ask us anything!

Downtime tips and tricks

There is no better advice than that of the globalistas of the world (aka. your colleagues!) We have a collection of blogs and reviews so you can make the most of every minute of your well deserved downtime without having to do all the research.

Create you own virtual cv

Get with the times and be in charge of being the most hireable version of yourself. Our virtual CV is quick and easy to create and will wow your future employer.

Job offers

Opt in to receive job offers from the sea and sky.

Guest Lists To The Best Local Festivals and Venues

Music festivals, sports matches, cultural fiestas, the top clubs in your favourite cities, beach clubs – whatever tickles your fancy – we know about it and we have passes and guest lists for our members.


Invites To Crew Privilege Global Events

It’s no secret that we run the best crew events all over the world, your membership will make sure you are always on the list to these exclusive events.

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