Coronavirus some 5,000 cruise passengers and 1,200 crew screened for coronavirus, 148 isolated


Costa Ship
Doctor Checkup

The cruise ship Costa Venezia returned to Shenzhen port, southeastern China, the link between Hong Kong and China’s mainland, in the morning Jan 26, after a 6-day cruise to Vietnam. On arrival, the cruise ship was boarded my medical team, all 4973 passengers and 12 49 crew were checked by medics for symptoms of fever and pneumonia, 4 were found to have a high temperature. 148 passengers who’re residents of Wuhan or visited Wuhan recently, were isolated for a stricter screening. Passengers and crew spent all day on board, they’ve been granted permission to disembark in the evening Jan 26.

Next scheduled cruise is cancelled, 5155 tourists will be refunded, including air tickets costs.

The cruise ship Costa Venezia, IMO 9801689, GT 135225, built 2019, flag Italy, operator Costa Cruises, capacity 5260 max, crew 1278.

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On Jan 25 cruise ship GENTING DREAM (IMO 9733105) departure from Singapore was delayed, tourists at Marina Bay Cruise Centre had to wait in queues for several hours.

Official statements denied any connection to coronavirus, but some passengers reported, that cruise line and Cruise Center personnel accidentally, spilt out the real reason behind delay – two tourists from China were found to be unwell, having symptoms of fever and pneumonia, both were taken to hospital (tourists spotted ambulance), the ship’s interior had to be disinfected and cleaned prior to tourists embarkation.

GENTING DREAM left Singapore late at night Jan 25, bound for Port Klang, Malaysia.

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