Certified Culinary Training Onboard

All Paid Certified Culinary Chef Course for german speakers only...


General information about the training:

• The culinary training on board the Mein Schiff fleet takes a total of 2 years.

• Within the 2-year training there are 4 sections / modules of 6 months each, of which +/- 4 months training on board for a 7-day week, followed by 2 months of holidays on land (paid for arrival and departure ).

• Each module consists of 60 lessons (12 weeks).

Per week the apprentice has 5 lessons (5 days) of 3 lessons each, divided into 1/3 theory and 2/3 practical lessons per lesson.

The 4 modules:

1. Module explains the hardware in the kitchen, all equipment and its operation, deals with the brigade and the process, explains the staple foods, vegetables, milk, sauces and soups.

2. Module continues the product round and describes from different oils over fruits to rice and explains the cooking methods.

3. Module is dedicated to the meat, from the animals to the breeds to the professional dissection and preparation.

4. Module is the patisserie, doughs and masses, as well as ice cream and chocolate, as well as the shopping, storage and menu design.

• In addition to the 3 hours training on 5 days of the week, another 7 hours of work per day are required. The remaining 2 days a week are regular working hours.

• Outside the apprenticeship, the apprentice participates in the regular work on the ship and is divided from the ship’s side according to his existing achievements / knowledge.

• Not only the direct graduates, but also newcomers with a higher age are target group and welcome applicants.

• The cost of training, for e.g. Trainings / modules, examination costs etc.), are taken over by sea chefs.

Information about the exam:

• Modules 1 to 3 conclude on board with an online test by WIFI Tirol. The given theoretical knowledge test contains 80 questions.

• The candidate receives free internet access on board and the examinations are taken under the supervision of the chef.

• The exam will take place in multiple choice.

• After completion of the exam, the apprentice / teacher / WIFI Tirol learns the state of knowledge immediately and whether the apprentice has passed or not. Only with the passing of the module can the next module be started. Checks for failures are possible.

• The apprenticeship ends with a final apprenticeship exam after Module 4.

In order for the learner to be able to do this, he must have successfully completed modules 1 to 3 before.

• After completing module 4, the last exam (final apprenticeship exam) on land takes place at WIFI Tirol (Economic Development Institute of the Tyrolean Economic Chamber).

This exam is divided into 2 parts in 2 days:

Day 1: Practical exam

Day 2: oral exam

• The costs for travel, accommodation, meals and, of course, the exam fees will be covered by sea chefs.


• Minimum age: 18 years (due to regulations for working on cruise ships)

• Knowledge of the German language (spoken and written).

• Good knowledge of English (spoken and written).

• High level of service


• Seafarers contract runs over Malta.

• Permanent contract for 2 years / 24 months

• Rotation: 4 x 4 months on board and 4 x 2 months paid holidays ashore

(Exit and end of contract is determined by the regular, operational crew change)

• Salary: € 918, – per month (as of 2018)

• During the contract, all lessons and material are free, also arrival / departure to the ship, as well as to the examination at the WIFI Tyrol are taken over.

• The apprentice is covered by Allianz Worldwide Care, paid by sea chefs, or sick pay, if applicable, during the holiday (Applicable Collective Bargaining Agreement).

Further education:

• As part of the further training, there will be 5 modules that will focus on the items in the kitchen.

• Here, too, there is a theoretical exam in the online test procedure after each module, after which another module can be started.

• After completing the modules, the step into mid-management (sous-chef) is on the way.

• Theoretically, it would then go on with 2 more modules, which revolve around the tasks of the chef, and give possibility of chef position.

• The crowning glory would be the master examination at WIFI Tirol.

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