Hanging with Able Seaman Roland at the Gangway...

Working as an Able Seaman requires a lot of time at the gangway, swiping guest & Crew cards when leaving and returning to the ship. Nowadays the more modern ships have a touch system but it still requires a human body to check whether or not it was registered on the system.

Awesome uniform.... Sailor Able Seaman Roland
Roland Loves his uniform, cant you see ...
Roland Lucernas & Raymond Crystal
Company provided a night in a hotel before flying back to India...
Suresh Nair & Raymond Crystal

Suresh IT Communications Officer ready to go home after long contract...‚Äč

The moment you leave the ship and you know that you have completed your contract and now going home for well deserved vacation is a feeling on its own. It’s one of the most rewarding goals you can achieve as a seaman because life at sea is not that easy and does have its disadvantages.

Room Divisions Manager getting some time out of her office...

A Room Divisions Manager has so many responsibilities compare to the rest, making sure the team are doing their correct duties and making sure ALL the guests are happy can be challenging but this job has great benefits and is a great long term goal to acheive if you looking to get into Senior Management eventually.

Feels good to be out of her office for once in awhile
(Berry Cedro & Raymond Crystal)
HD Daniel
Big smiles and great stories with a true gentleman...
(Daniel Liar & Raymond Crystal)

Having a good laugh with the Hotel Director...

What a great privilege, to have heard from a true long time veteran from land to sea Daniel Liar. He truly understands everything from how to handle the guests and his crew. Some of his lifetime stories are crazy and the one he mentioned in his podcast was also very entertaining.

Some love him , Some Hate him but im a fan of this Security Officer...


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